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Preschooler Songs

I have to say that one of my very favorite things as a mom is to see my kids in a program.  I don’t care how out of key they sing, it is just something I have to see.  Today was Jacob’s last day before Winter break and his class had a little party. 

The teacher read The Mitten and the kids (and some of us parents) were completely enthralled…

The kids were asked to find their letters (what a cool way to have them line up and listen…makes me want to get alphabet carpet all over the house 🙂 !)

As you can see from the last picture, Jacob was pretty excited.  Not that he was going to sing his best for us but that he was standing beside his little red-haired girlfriend, Miss Bella!  Nice.

Their first song was to the tune of I’m A Little Tea Pot but was about a snowman and he melted at the end of the song which meant the kids had to act like they were melting…

And since they were already down, the next song had to do with sleeping bears to the tune of Are You Sleeping?…

Then the grand finale was Jingle Bells!  And the kids were jingling bells, of course and belting it out…out of key, out of sync…man, I love preschooler singing!

“In a one horse open sleigh.  HEY!” Can’t you just hear it…

They put their bells back and lined up for their big bow…

It was time for food…

And Santa joined us by surprise.  The kids were so excited to see him come in the door.  It happened to be snowing (finally) and it was a perfect entrance.  I can’t believe this is Jacob’s first encounter with the big guy.  Since the girls never liked sitting on his lap, we just never pushed Jacob to do so.  But he was so excited to actually meet him that I’m not sure he even realized he was on his lap!

The teachers took a family photo of us with Santa and we made a wreath ornament for on the tree.  Jacob was all about placing the different colors of tissue paper all around our picture.

It was such a fun hour.  Tomorrow…each of the girls has a party…at the same time.  Jeremiah is joining Mazie and Jacob and I are joining Jamie!

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4 thoughts on “Preschooler Songs

  1. Looks like a lot of fun. We enjoy reading The Mitten here as well.

  2. carissa on said:

    so exciting. chloe has her first little christmas party next thursday at daycare. josh and i are both going to be able to go to it. yippee! hope the kids have a nice break from school.

  3. Jacob sure looks like he is enjoying his singing! Glad everyone had fun!

  4. Was it the song where at the end they say “OOPS! I’m a puddle!?” I came across a video the other day of the kids singing that in bed last winter!

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