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Ten on Tuesday

1.  Jacob’s birthday party went on without a hitch, aside from the small snow storm we got the night before.  But he definitely enjoyed being center of attention with a few of his classmates and his sisters.


2.  He kind of likes when we sing to him.


3.  He opted for a party at Ariel’s Gymnastics for his big sixth celebration…


4.  Details on his cake can be found at the Cake Site.  Jacob was pretty specific this year!

5.  Spring break is two weeks long here in District 49.  Monday was their first day back and they are off today due to a crazy Spring blizzard that isn’t really amounting to much around here.  We have a little snow (like an inch) blowing around with this insanely crazy wind but labeling it a blizzard, isn’t’ quite right.

6.  What did we do over the two weeks?  Well, besides the boy turning 6 and having a celebration, Gramma visited.  We took her to the zoo and enjoyed our day…


IMG_00497.  We also had Easter, which was played way down this year being so close to the boy’s birthday.  The kids were pleased with going outside to hunt eggs in their jammies.




8.  The kids enjoyed a game or two while Gramma was visiting.  Maxine really enjoyed playing twister, although I don’t think she really understood the rules…


9.  Mazie had a project for her algebra II class.  She had to make a model of a house.  The measurements had to be to scale and it needed to be painted.  She had to use all her knowledge of angles and measurements to do the project.  She worked really hard on it and it turned out beautifully!  She was happy to hand it in yesterday.



10.  Jamie did her experiment for her STEM fair project.  Her and Dad worked on popping popcorn.  Her experiment was to show which way of popping popcorn worked best.  She used the stove top, a pop corn machine, and the microwave.  The popcorn machine worked the best by popping all the kernels!  She was so surprised since she thought the microwave would work best.  But she had fun making popcorn three different ways and then being able to eat it!




She still has to finish her board but we are waiting for her pictures to put it all together.  This is her first official STEM fair project.  So she’s exited about it being on display in the school library in a few weeks.

Happy Tuesday!

School Work

Wednesday was a pajama day for Jacob.  He wanted to stay in his jammies and do his homework!  So that’s just what we did.  He was supposed to decorate a turkey for his classroom.  So he told me the specifics of what I was to do and what he was to do. 

My directions were to cut some feathers in the colors of his choice, punch some stars in the same colors as those feathers, and get the glue!

He was to put things were they were supposed to be.  He started with the feathers.  He put the glue stick on the turkey and placed the feathers.  Then smeared more glue on the turkey (and a little on the table ;-)) and placed the stars.  He put buttons on the feet and picked out the ribbon for a bow.  He decided to ask me to make the bow and put star tacks for the eyes.  He placed the bow though.

He decided the turkey needed a little bit more color and added some.  Finished product…

He was so proud of it.  On Thursday he marched it into his classroom and handed it right to his teacher with a huge smile on his face!

One thing we’ve been working on this week…deleting all naps.  We went through this a few months ago when he wasn’t staying in bed at night.  So we shortened his nap.  He started the whole “I’m not going to stay in bed” thing (sometimes until 10pm) again about a week ago.  We decided to try it a few days without nap.  He has been staying in bed all night but still not completely ready to be rid of his naps.  This is what happened after he worked so hard on his turkey…

Today was a special day for Jamie.  In her soaring class (the enrichment program at school), she has been working on a project about the Sioux indian tribe.  Today she was to present her information to her class.  Anyone who knows Jamie, knows how big this was for her.  She did such an awesome job!  She read her book that she made with gorgeous drawings.

She was to make a visual aide for her project and she chose to do a painting.  She had a buffalo and buffalo rug on the picture as well as the Sioux Indian girl blowing a horn to warn the others in the tribe of a storm that was coming!

All of this was done in front of the entire class.  I was so proud of her for doing it!  At supper, I asked her how she was able to do all that without being nervous.  She smiled and said, “but I was very nervous”.

Not to leave Mazie out, she is gearing up for her big Robotics competition.  She has been working hard at the practices with her team getting ready.  I have no pictures at this time but there will plenty of the actual competition!

Happy Friday!

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