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Ten on Tuesday

1.  Jacob’s birthday party went on without a hitch, aside from the small snow storm we got the night before.  But he definitely enjoyed being center of attention with a few of his classmates and his sisters.


2.  He kind of likes when we sing to him.


3.  He opted for a party at Ariel’s Gymnastics for his big sixth celebration…


4.  Details on his cake can be found at the Cake Site.  Jacob was pretty specific this year!

5.  Spring break is two weeks long here in District 49.  Monday was their first day back and they are off today due to a crazy Spring blizzard that isn’t really amounting to much around here.  We have a little snow (like an inch) blowing around with this insanely crazy wind but labeling it a blizzard, isn’t’ quite right.

6.  What did we do over the two weeks?  Well, besides the boy turning 6 and having a celebration, Gramma visited.  We took her to the zoo and enjoyed our day…


IMG_00497.  We also had Easter, which was played way down this year being so close to the boy’s birthday.  The kids were pleased with going outside to hunt eggs in their jammies.




8.  The kids enjoyed a game or two while Gramma was visiting.  Maxine really enjoyed playing twister, although I don’t think she really understood the rules…


9.  Mazie had a project for her algebra II class.  She had to make a model of a house.  The measurements had to be to scale and it needed to be painted.  She had to use all her knowledge of angles and measurements to do the project.  She worked really hard on it and it turned out beautifully!  She was happy to hand it in yesterday.



10.  Jamie did her experiment for her STEM fair project.  Her and Dad worked on popping popcorn.  Her experiment was to show which way of popping popcorn worked best.  She used the stove top, a pop corn machine, and the microwave.  The popcorn machine worked the best by popping all the kernels!  She was so surprised since she thought the microwave would work best.  But she had fun making popcorn three different ways and then being able to eat it!




She still has to finish her board but we are waiting for her pictures to put it all together.  This is her first official STEM fair project.  So she’s exited about it being on display in the school library in a few weeks.

Happy Tuesday!

Big 4!

Jacob’s birthday was yesterday and it was fantastic.  We had his party at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  He was so excited.  We first started with checking out the pancake tortoise.  We learned that turtles are the swimmers and tortoises are land walkers.

Then we took a quick walk to the giraffes.  The kids each got a few crackers to feed the giraffes.  They had a blast.

Then we walked over to the meerkats.  There the kids found out that they eat Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.  Then the kids were asked if they wanted to feed them to the meerkats…

Jamie actually volunteered.  She held one of those things in her hand and then threw it over the glass to the meerkats to feast…

We hiked to the merry-go-round and the kids got to take a ride…

We headed back to the Safari Cabin for pizza and lemonade…

And then it was onto the cake.  Jacob was very specific about his cake order this year.  He wanted it to be chocolate, green, and with giraffes.  I think I delivered (read more here)…

He was pretty happy with everyone singing to him.  And then he blew out all four candles…

We had some time for gifts too.  The best part of that was when Jacob’s Little Red-Haired Girlfriend decided he wasn’t going fast enough.  She started getting the gifts out of the bags and handing them to him!

He didn’t seem to mind at all!  Then I caught her slightly touching his arm while he was opening a card.  I’m pretty sure that smile has nothing to do with the card! 🙂

The party was over and the kiddos went home with their parents.  We decided to let the kids pick an animal each to see before we headed home.  I even got in a little photo shoot of my newly 4-year-old at his favorite place…

I didn’t say all the photos were worthy of hanging on the wall…

Jacob enjoyed a few phone calls…

and a few more gifts when we got home…

Then he agreed to snap a few more pictures with his biggest fans…

Happy 4th Birthday, Big Boy! We love you!!

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