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Friday Five

1.  Today was a pretty exciting day for Jamie.  She entered the school’s art contest.  The winning picture is going to appear on the cover of the yearbook.  The winner from each grade will have their picture featured in the yearbook.  Jamie’s picture won for the whole 4th grade!  She said doesn’t know who won overall but she was pretty proud of herself for winning out of all the 4th grade entries.  Her teacher texted this picture to me when she won, holding her picture and her prize…

IMG_01842.  Jamie also was Young Author today.  The kids write stories and publish them throughout the week.  On Fridays the class manager picks a student at random (by way of popsicle stick) and that student gets to read one of their published writings.  She wrote about Colorado, specifically Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods.  Again, her teacher texted this picture of her reading to the class…


3.  Since she was so proud of herself today, I have to admit that I was pretty proud today too getting all this good news from school, I had to make a special treat for dessert.  I made some Halloween brownies.  And the kids loved them.

4.  I have to say that I kind of like the early release Fridays we have here.  Getting out at 1:40 instead of 3:10 is nice one day a week.

5.  Next week is Halloween.  Jeremiah and I are a Knight and Maiden, Mazie is a vampiress, Jamie is an angel, and Jacob is Count Dracula.  Pictures next week.  If you participate in this candy-filled holiday, what are you going as?

Happy Friday!


Ten On Tuesday

1. We had Fall break last week.  Thursday and Friday off of school, to be exact.  I like a 2 day Fall break compared to our 2 weeks in Colorado.  By Sunday, the kids were ready to go back to school.

2.  Thursday, we went to a Halloween party at Jeremiah’s work.  We all got dressed up and gathered a bunch of candy.  The kids had fun and Jeremiah and I enjoyed watching the kids check out the decorated offices.

3.  Friday the kids and I disinfected the house.  We cleaned from top to bottom, scrubbing every surface.  I was determined to get rid of these germs that have been in my system.  I guess it didn’t really work since Jeremiah has “it” now.  I guess we should have expected that since he was trying to make me feel better when he could.

4.  It was a beautiful, sunny day on Friday so the kids were able to play outside after all the cleaning.  The neighbor kids came out too.  The boys (who are the same age) decided to rake up the leaves.  They did such a great job of working together with only one rake and one shovel!


5.  But the girls (there are four between our two houses) thought it was fantastic enough to jump into the pile of leaves the boys worked so hard on…there are six kids here…




6.  Saturday we took the kids to see Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2.  It was one of the best sequels I have seen yet.  It is definitely going to make our DVD library when it gets released.

7.  The kids start their third session of swim lessons on Saturday and they are super excited.

8.  They are also excited that we will be heading downtown this weekend.  We are going to Trader Joes and Whole Foods to stock up on a few things.  Jamie said that we must get “several bags of honey wheat pretzels”.  I think we can manage that!

9.  I have to get my wedding rings inspected every six month to keep the lifetime warranty on them.  It’s not really a chore and it keeps my rings nice and sparkly all the time.  And if there is ever a loose stone or a problem, they just fix it right up.  Well, about 7 weeks ago, I took our rings in for inspection.  The nice man said, “How attached are you to your rings?”  I just stared at him like he had 4 heads because what kind of question was that?  I mean they are mine and I’ve been wearing at least my engagement ring for more than 15 years so, yeah, I’m kind of attached to them.  I asked why?  He showed me that my engagement ring was cracked.  Not sure how it happened or when it happened but sure enough it was there.  “No problem”, he said, “we will take care of it and get it replaced”.  Since my rings are soldered together, he had to take both my wedding and engagement rings. I was left with a very naked finger and a very sad heart.  This morning, the jewelry store called to inform me that my rings have made it back and are ready for me to pick up.  I drove like a crazy lady to the store and slipped those rings on my finger the second I could. (that last sentence may be the understatement of the year).  My finger is very happy now and I can’t stop looking at my sparkly rings that are now resting in their home.  I am finally complete again.

10.  I’ll end on a happy random note…One day this month (it’s been a while since I took this picture) my lunch was happy…

IMG_0003and I was too after I ate it all.

Happy Tuesday!

Ten on Tuesday

1.  It’s officially Fall.  My very favoritest season.  I love the cooler weather, the colors, football, baking, all of it.

2.  Today was picture day for the kids at school.  I took my own.  Just can’t see paying those crazy prices for the ones at school with the drab background and same pose for each kid.  We did serious pictures first…




3.  Jacob then begged to do his own pose…


and the girls went with it too…



4.  Yesterday was interesting for us.  Right after going through the gate to come back on base from picking up the kids plus 2 friends from school, a dump truck hit me.  I was turning and had the right-of-way.  The other driver didn’t seem to know where he was going and was following another driver.  He didn’t stop where he was supposed to and ran right into the back of the Durango.  After checking all five kids to make sure they were ok, I got out of the car and yelled and the guy, “Why didn’t you stop?”  I felt bad after I got my wits about me.

5.  The car is drivable but we have to take it to get the back tire and dents fixed up.  We’ve had it for 12 years and this was our first incident with it.  Needless to say, the dump truck was unharmed.  He did stand a bit taller than my Durango.

6.  I may have had to have a little wine to calm my nerves after supper.  I just couldn’t stop shaking and that did seem to help.  Although I couldn’t seem to sleep much last night.

7.  We are supposed to dip into the 50s for highs over the next few days.  Refer back to #1.  I love the cooler weather!  That’s snuggling weather.

8.  We are taking the kids to the circus on Sunday.  I’ve never been to the circus.  The kids have no idea.  It should be a nice treat.

9.  Mazie’s Literary Arts teacher sent out an email regarding a book signing for the Michael Vey series.  The third book was just released and the author is from Salt Lake City.  We are going to the signing at Costco on Saturday.  Mazie is kind of excited about meeting an author.

10.  That’s all I have for this week.  Happy Tuesday!

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Jeremiah and I were just saying last night about it being crazy that it’s the middle of September already.  Like the week starts on Monday and we blink and it’s Monday again.  Too fast!

2.  Labor Day was fun.  We had some neighbors over from grilling.  The kids and Jeremiah went to work on shucking the corn…


Not even going to guess what that face is about but it’s funny…


3.  It rained from Tuesday through Saturday.  I am so not complaining since we need it and since our friends in Colorado are still swimming but it’s been nice to have a break from the rain.

4.  But all that rain does mean we get beautiful rainbows.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one actually bow the whole way like this one did one morning…


5.  Mazie’s been a sewing queen lately.  She has been mastering my sewing machine (which is nearly 20 years old) by making some hankies and pillows.


6.  I decorated the porch for Fall.  If you follow me on facebook or instagram, you can see a picture.  I may have gone a little overboard with the Mums but they are so pretty and I just couldn’t resist.  I love Fall.  And Mums.

7.  A fun facts about Utah…You can get caught for bootlegging around here.  As in trafficking alcohol.  What era are we in?  The 1920s?  Seriously they will pull you over at the gate if you are caught with a keg.  I have heard some people drive to Idaho to get alcohol since the whole alcohol thing is weird here.  I guess they better watch that they don’t pulled over!

8.  I’ve noticed people from Utah also say “the internets”.  It’s kind of funny to hear like when we first moved to California and everyone referred to the interstates/freeways as “the 405” or “the 110”. 

9.  We are looking forward to going to the tanger outlets this weekend.  Well, the girls are looking forward to it.  I personally hate shopping for clothes.  The kids need warmer school clothes already because we’ve been told it get cold quickly here.  So we are heading there to get a few pants and long sleeves for school. 

10.  I volunteered to teach Jr. Achievement classes to Jamie’s fourth grade class.  I start in October and it’s for 5 weeks.  I’m pretty excited.  And very nervous.  Jeremiah told me to relax since I taught cake decorating classes at Hobby Lobby.  I reminded him that cake decorating wasn’t detrimental to the futures of the people in the class like this would be to the 9/10 year olds.  I think this one goes into the “what was I thinking” category.

Happy Tuesday!

Summer Round Up

So I figured with school starting next week, I should probably update the blog.  Honestly, we’ve just been enjoying the summer and each other.  That’s my only excuse for not blogging.  It’s just one thing that didn’t happen because I was having fun with the family.

Anyway, the kids had swim lessons and we discovered a really cool park and duck pond that was near the pool.  We’ve already played there many times and have had a family picnic there.  And we are doing it again this weekend!


See the babies?  They would completely dunk themselves under the water and pop up in some other spot.  I had never seen a duck or duckling do that before.  The kids thought it was pretty hilarious.




So the kids can officially swim and we celebrated by going to a local water park for an afternoon.  Yes, that’s right, I walked around a water park (for the second time this summer) in a bathing suit all day long.  There was a water slide that I was coerced into doing.  I did it once and not again.  There were a few pools and the lazy river to float.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves for the day.  Jeremiah and I couldn’t stop laughing at how they played in the water.

This is what the furry kids have been doing this summer.  Trying to stay cool with all this heat and humidity…



I really have no idea why Max looks like she has been put in the corner but that’s kind of her spot.  And Sadie is just a weird dog.  I think the walls must be cool to her.  They love the neighbor dogs and usually end up winning the barking matches they have outside.  At least it’s during the day and not early in the morning or late at night when they have to “talk” loudly with each other!

I started chore charts after we moved here.  Each kid has their own chart and is assigned various chores per day.  One is helping with supper.  Jacob was helping me make Susie’s Tacos one night and decided that he better put his apron on because they are “so messy”.

Copy (1) of IMG_0004

Good thing too, since he’s a messy cook like his mama…

Copy (1) of IMG_0005

And we apparently needed a little Mexican music to go with all the cooking…


Here is a picture of Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake from our back yard.  It looks better in person, if anyone wants to visit…


The kids have been enjoying games of Ladderball with dad.  It’s kind of funny to watch the kids “adjust” their tossing distances…



We’ve also been spending a lot of time just playing with the neighbor kids.  I had 12 kids on my porch one afternoon playing with Legos and Barbies.  They ranged in age from 2 years to 12 years and only 3 were boys!  The kids had fun and I just enjoyed listening to their little conversations.  A lot of nights, we get a nice breeze after supper and it is nice to sit on the porch and watch the kids ride their bikes or scooters.  Jeremiah and I get to catch up with each other on our days and the kids wear themselves out by playing.  It’s a win/win situation!

And, if you follow me on Facebook, you will know that we are officially training wheel free here in the Stahr house.  Jacob took Mazie’s old Strawberry shortcake bike for a couple of spins last week…



He just kind of hopped on (with a little help from dad) and just went.  He realized after a few trips around our little side of the block that he was riding a girly bike and got off.  Dad surprised him by taking off the training wheels that were on his boy bike the next night and he’s been going ever since…



So while my Mommy heart breaks that my kids are growing way too fast, I’m so proud of my boy who decided he just didn’t need the extra help anymore.  The training wheels were really the last “little kid” thing we had around here.  *sigh*

I have to say that I am so very excited for this school year.  We went to a registration night at the new school last week.  Mazie got her schedule and locker number and combination.  She’s happy that she knows 2 people in her first period class already.  And that she gets to make pajama bottoms in home ec (or whatever they are calling that class these days).  Jamie has a brand new teacher and will meet her on Friday!  And if you know Jamie, you know she’s happy about meeting her teacher before Monday.  Jacob hasn’t met his teacher yet but is super excited about first grade.  He just thinks it’s going to be a magical year!  I hope he’s right.  I’m just happy that they are all in the same building and they all start and end their day together.  They have a little meeting spot (decided mutually by the three of them) where they will meet and come to the car after school.  I’m also really excited about the smaller class sizes.  I think it will be better all the way around.  But more on school next week!

Ten On Tuesday

1.  Last weekend we went to a dinosaur park in Ogden to check it out.  We arrived and found we didn’t have to pay for admission because R.A.M.P. was sponsoring free admission day!  BONUS!  It’s a pretty neat park.  There was an inside museum but then there was an outdoor zoo like park.  There were life-sized statues of all kinds of dinos.








2.  We came across some dangerous creatures too…


3.  Jacob was in heaven.  The girls would have been too if it wouldn’t have been so stinkin’ hot.  We were kind of melting as we were walking so that put a damper on the day and we didn’t stay long.  We can’t wait to check it out in more detail when it gets a bit cooler!

IMG_00484.  We also decided to wash the cars this weekend.  They both desperately needed a good washing.  The kids thought the idea was fantastic…

IMG_00645.  Who knew car washing was so fun?




6.  Since the kids were already somewhat wet, we decided to reward them by letting the kids ride their bikes to the splash pad to play…



7.  Do you see?  The girls are both free of training wheels.  Finally.  They have been working so hard since moving here to get rid of those silly things.  And since Jamie kind of caught on a little too quickly for Mazie’s liking, she decided to get it done too.  Now Mazie is riding her beach cruiser with no help!  We are so proud.  Jacob’s in no hurry.  He just likes his big bike the way it is…


8.  This has been our hangout for most of the time we’ve been here.  It’s just been so hot.  The kids enjoy it and I like that we don’t have to drive anywhere to use it.  It’s literally a block away from our house.




9.  Jacob told me this morning at breakfast that he was as “hungry as a pig in a Tootsie roll”.  I’m not sure how hungry that is but he ate 2 scrambled eggs with cheese and ham in them.  Jamie told me after breakfast that she was “stuffed like a pig in a sleeping bag”.  Again, not sure why a sleeping bag…or why pigs were such a topic in my house today.  Mazie decided to not comment on how she was feeling this morning.  Maybe she couldn’t come up with a pig reference to top her siblings or maybe she was in awe of the whole topic.

10.  With Jeremiah being a Lt. Col select now, he is the highest ranking officer on our block.  Those who know my husband know that this is a very weird situation for him.  It’s not our way of life to be the rank.  He’s never acted as such and I think that’s why people who work with him enjoy working with him.  He’s very grounded when it comes to his work and enjoys it.  So it makes it so much better when I can tease him about being the “old man” on the block.  It’s far from the truth as far as age goes.  There are a few officers who were prior enlisted so are older in age but still I have to do my part in keeping this new title from going to his head!  Love you, Jeremiah!

Happy Tuesday!

Ten On Tuesday

1.  What are we doing on hot days besides going to the splash pad 1 1/2 blocks from out house?  Playing in the nice cool house…I may or may not have enjoyed myself a little too much when I set this up with a little help from Jamie.  I know it should have been the other way around but, again, I was having fun!


2.  I finally was able to bake for the first time in our new house for the Fourth of July.  You can read the details over at the business site.


3.  When I run, I happen to go around a little duck pond that equals 1 1/2 miles.  I took the kids after breakfast one morning to check out the ducks.



4.  We happened to catch a crane while we were there.  He stayed away from us mostly and just floated around…


5.  There were geese too but when they figured out we didn’t bring anything to feed them, they quickly swam away.

6.  I caught this guy jumping in and was thrilled the picture turned out.


7.  The commissary is closed on Mondays because of this whole furlough thing.  Score for me since I was supposed to pick up potatoes and asparagus to roast for yesterday’s supper.  Broccoli and noodles filled the void.

8.  There is a gate just outside our housing area that is closed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays due to the same issue.  So we have to drive a little further to get off base on the weekends until October, apparently.

9.  We have new neighbors! They happen to have a boy Jacob’s age and two younger girls.  Jacob is ecstatic that there is another boy on the block.  That makes a total of 4 including Jacob.  The rest are girls.

10.  I have some really great news to share but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow! So with that I wish you a happy Tuesday. 😉

*Added Wednesday Morning*

Jeremiah is on the list to be promoted to Lt. Col!  He will be promoted sometime in the next year.  We are so very proud of him and all his hard work!

The New House

Today marks one month that the movers unpacked their trucks full of our household goods.  So, in honor of that milestone, here are pictures of the new house here in Utah.  I have finally taken pictures, downloaded them, and edited them and it seems like the thing to do.  So here we go…

This is a view from the front entryway…

IMG_0006Then go to the left and you have the living room…


or right and you have the dining room…


The kitchen…

IMG_0009The view from the back entryway…

IMG_0011The family room or toy room or activity area (whichever you prefer)….

IMG_0013A view of the backyard.  I would have taken a photo so you could see the Salt Lake and Antelope Island but it was kind of hazy this day so I’ll get that on here another time…But Max and Sadie enjoy sunbathing in the yard…

IMG_0020You walk up the stairs and the first room is the shared by the girls.  They decided they wanted to use the bunk beds this time.  It works and they like sharing so we went with it…

IMG_0014Then you come to the master

IMG_0016and my favorite part of the whole upstairs…my walk-through-the-closet-to-the-his-and-hers-bathroom-area…It’s like another world in there!

IMG_0017Then a little further out the hallway and passed the kids bath is Jacob’s room…


There is a spare room (since the girls are sharing) but it has a few things to be put away by someone *cough cough* Jeremiah 😉 So another time for that room.

Today also is a special day since we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary.  I have to say that on this day in 1999, I certainly did not picture us in Utah of all places with 3 kids and 2 dogs.  I’m not complaining about being here in Utah with 3 kids and 2 dogs.  I’m not sure what I pictured for our future 14 years ago.  And you know what?  I’m pretty sure that whatever I might be thinking of for 14 years in the future probably isn’t going to be completely right.  I mean, think about it.  Mazie will be 25 (I know, *gasp*, I was 25 when I had her), Jamie will be 23 (maybe I should just stop doing this right now), and Jacob will be 20 (Good Lord why did I go here?).  Ok, enough thinking of the future.  It hurts my head way too much.  But back to my main train of thought here, we celebrated our 14th today.  And I would not change any of the things we’ve been through over the years and look forward to what is going to come in the future!  I love you, Jeremiah and our little life we have!

Ten On Tuesday

1.  The packers packed our house in one day.  I was impressed with their speed but after getting things unpacked here in Utah, I am not impressed with their packing skills.  Things were actually just dumped into boxes.  Things were broken.  One of my cake plates didn’t even make it into a box.  So I am not happy with the packing skills of our moving company.

2.  Since they packed our house in a day, Jeremiah was able to join the kids, Pop Pop, and I to our trip to the zoo.  I have to say that I miss the zoo already.  It’s a fun zoo and it never got old.  We also drove to the shrine so we could look out over our city one last time…








3.  While the movers were packing our things into their truck, Pop Pop and I took the kids to the Garden of the Gods.  We had so much fun exploring, waiting out a thunderstorm, and exploring some more.








4.  We also took the cog rail to the top of Pikes Peak.  The last time we tried, we never made it to the top due to the snow.  We made it this time.  And the kids were prepared with their binoculars to see all the things from the train!  Since two out of three kids (and maybe a parent, not going to confirm or deny if it was me) fell asleep on the way back down the mountain, I call it a successful outing.





5.  And so we say, “see ya” to our house in Colorado.


I may or may not have cried myself to sleep the night before driving.  This was the hardest move.

6.  We drove 5 1/2 hours to Rawlins, WY to stop for the night.  With 3 adults, 3 kids, 2 dogs driving a very loaded down Durango with a trailer and a very loaded down civic, we decided to split up our drive.  We really had no idea what to expect with the dogs on such a long drive.  It worked out better this way.

7.  We drove another 4 1/2 hours to our new home in Utah.  Our house is great.  We have a lot of room.  We did downsize a bit since there is no basement but we’ve made it work.  The house is attached to another house.  So each unit is 2 houses but we really do not hear the other family at all.  Our house was updated before we moved in with new carpet and paint.


8.  We have never lived on base housing before.  It’s been quite an experience so far.  Like it feels like a commune in a way.  The kids run free and play where they want.  While I am not opposed to kids coming to our house to play, I’m a little concerned that they can walk around the housing area without supervision but Mazie can’t babysit her little brother in the privacy of our own home.  But the dogs have to be in their kennels while we are not home.  The rules are a little weird.  However, Jeremiah texting he is on his way home and is home in 5 minutes is nice.  And he gets to come home for lunch every day if he wants.  And forgetting to pick up something for supper and running to the commissary that is 1 1/2 miles away (closer than it’s ever been) is convenient.  So we’ll see how this works.

9.  One thing that kind of rubs me the wrong way is that no other child can be present at another’s doctor visit.  I’m not sure what I will do when they are sick enough to need an appointment and can’t go to school and Jeremiah is on a trip.  That should be fun to work out.  As far as I know, that is only a rule here.  I’ve never heard of that at any of our other bases.

10.  So I will have pictures of the house on here soon.  While I worked at lightning speed to get the furniture placed and the big things were they needed to be so we could live comfortably, I am still working on putting my touches here and there.  Curtains and pictures still need to be hung and the kids need a break for doing absolutely nothing.  So they will be here as soon as I can get them here!  More on base living another day.

Happy Tuesday!

Ten On Tuesday

1.  While in Pennsylvania in May, I took some pictures of my nephew and his wife.  I was so excited with how they turned out.  I wanted to wait until they were able to see them before posting some here.  Here are a few of my faves…

IMG_0003Kelsey has a gorgeous smile (and everything else is gorgeous too but you can’t help but smile when she smiles).  And then there’s Jonathon.  He’s my oldest nephew.  I’m pretty proud to say that he is my nephew and that he married such a great lady.  I’m not even sure what they were laughing at in this next picture but it makes my heart swell to see it…IMG_0007They had some inside joke, just between the two of them.  It reminds me of Jeremiah and I.  Every time he wants to make me smile or laugh, he knows just what to say.  No one else would think his joke is funny but me and that’s the funny part.  It’s our little secret.  IMG_0020I told Jonathon to pick Kelsey up and kiss her.  He didn’t even hesitate.  And he did it with such ease, of course.  I tried not to puke in my mouth from all the love…hard for an Auntie to watch…IMG_0024But they do love each other.  Very much.  It’s nice to see how much they adore each other.  Thanks for letting me take some pictures of you two!

2.  Ring dance was last week.  It was my third time going to it.  Jeremiah had it easy.  He gets to wear the same thing and he still looks handsome.  I ordered a dress on Amazon and when it arrived, it was not the correct size.  So I sent it back and had to scramble to find another.  And since I had to scramble, I had to go with a dress that was way out of my comfort zone.  But I guess it’s not too bad for almost 14 years of marriage and 15 years from the original ring dance…


Thanks for watching the kids for us again, Dad.  I know they had fun!

3.  Jeremiah had his change of command ceremony last week.


I think we did a collective sigh when it was over.  No more “buzz, buzz” from the blackberry in the middle of the night.  YAY!

4.  This is what you do after giving back command…


It was well-earned.

5.  Jacob had a playdate with his little girlfriend to say goodbye…


I love that he blushed for the picture.

6.  The girls had their besties over today.  No pictures for the cool kids apparently.  I mean, really, what tween will let their parent take a picture?  And what 9-year-old doesn’t follow their big sister?

7.  We did get to relax from all the packing.  We did a few ‘smores over the fire pit…


I’m so glad my kids are still fond of each other.

8.  Sunday we started to pack the things we are moving ourselves.  It broke my heart to pull down all the pictures.  Those who have been here know I proudly display my family/friends and there were a lot of pictures.  Jeremiah spent most of today loading the Uhaul.  It’s almost full and we still have things to put in there.  I hope we do not exceed the weight limit!

9.  The kids helped a little throughout the last few days putting things into boxes and getting this ready for movers to handle.  Jacob was saying “see ya later” to some of his friends…


10.  The movers arrive tomorrow with 5 people to pack our things.  We were allotted 2 days for the packing and one day to load the truck to pull it out.  But the lady who scheduled us said they would probably be finished packing our things in one day.  Friday they drive away.  *sigh*

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