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End Of School

Friday was the last day of school.  The kids were so sad that school was ending.  I received a text from Mazie stating, “I’m coming.  No more Skyview. BOO!”

But before school started, we snapped a few pictures to compare to the first day of school.

Mazie, since she leaves the house at 7:15 to get to school on time, was first…

Copy (1) of IMG_0003

You can go here to see her first day…

And then Jamie was ready first so we got her next…


And then Jacob…


You can go here to see their first day.

We have loved the elementary and middle school here.  They kids have made some really great friends and the teachers just rocked.  I can’t say that I’m not excited about the new school in Utah.  Honestly, the kids are excited about it too.  The class sizes are almost half the size of what they are used to.  For me it’s the fact that they are all in the same building, starting and stopping at the same time.  Middle school is on the top level and elementary is on the bottom.  Plus every Friday they are dismissed a little earlier than their normal school days!

So until the next start of the year…Yay for summer!

The Graduation

On Tuesday, May 21, the kindergarten class had a music/promotion ceremony.  It was at the end of the school day and Jacob was just so excited about the whole thing.  He went to bed Monday night stating “After tomorrow, I will be a first grader”.  *Sigh*  This year has gone by so fast.  And he has enjoyed every bit of kindergarten.

He even wanted to wear a button shirt for his special day.  Those who know Jacob know how big that is.  He also decided he was going to wear slacks instead of jeans and his “date shoes”!  So he went to school dressed rather handsome and we joined him in the afternoon for his promotion ceremony.

When the curtain opened the kids were under strict instruction to not wave at their parents because they were big kids now and big kids don’t do that.  Maybe 2 or 3 kids actually waved!  Jacob just gave me a big smile.

IMG_0001The kids performed a few songs based on nursery rhymes with a bit of a twist.  For example one of their songs was titled “Gettin’ Down with Mama Goose”.  They were jammin’ and singing their hearts out.  It was a great music program!


Then came the promotion part.  There are four kindergarten classes.  Jacob’s class was the last to call their students for their certificates.  The teachers also went in alphabetical order.  Jacob’s class was last to go and he happens to be the last name in the class.  So he was the last student called to accept his certificate.  Don’t worry about Jacob’s self-esteem.  He was cheering (loudly) for all his friends in his class and since he was last got a big round of applause from all the parents.

IMG_0034It actually fit that Jacob was called last.  It was like it was supposed to be that way.  He certainly didn’t mind!


The next day several people (including a couple of teachers) mentioned about how great Jacob was cheering on his friends.  I just smiled and said, “yep, that’s my son!”


We were able to get a picture of Jacob and his teacher (who taught her last year this year).  We hope you have a fabulous retirement, Mrs. Walker!

IMG_0042So now it’s official.  No more kindergarteners in this house.  Sniff, sniff.  Man, it’s hard growing up!  We love you , Little Man!!


This month is turning out to be crazier than last month!  So here are a few of the things we’ve been busy with over the last few weeks.  First, Landsharks.  Jamie and Jacob ran the track series this year.  They had a blast!

Jacob ran the 400 meter.  I asked him why he kept turning his head when he passed someone.  He told me he said, “Sorry I passed you.” So every time he passes another kid, he apologized.  I told him he didn’t have to do that next time.  Here he is coming around the last corner…


and then to the finish.  His only goal was to not be last and he wasn’t!


Jamie was going to run the mile but fell on the track during warm ups and skinned her knee pretty badly.  So instead she ran the 800.  She was happy doing this distance.  Here she is running her first lap…


and then coming in to finish.  Again she just didn’t want to be last and she wasn’t.  Coach even finished it with her for support…


Their second meet was sprint night.  Jacob and Jamie were running at the same time but in different distances and there was no way to get pictures of both.  They had a blast with Landsharks.  I hope we can do something like it when we move!

Next up, music.  First Mazie had her final band concert.  I am so impressed with the band.  The woodwinds practice at a different time than the brass/drums.  They only play together on the concert night.  They really sounded good!  The sixth graders setting up their stands and music and Mazie notices that my camera is shooting…


With the them from StarWars, Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven, and Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water on the program, it was really something to see and hear.

Jamie also had a concert.  Her final choir concert was amazing.  We were jammin’ out to Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life and songs from the ’80s like We Are The World.  Jamie has really enjoyed choir.  These kids sang their hearts out and had a blast doing so.



You can really tell when a teacher enjoys his/her job.  The kids enjoy learning more from that teacher.  I know Mazie and Jamie have done better in school because of these teachers.

Lastly, SkySox.  While the event wasn’t the actual baseball game, it did take place at a SkySox game.  Jeremiah’s Group One going away party was fun.  We walked to the SkySox game and had dinner with the other AOCs/AMTs of Squadrons 1-10.  With 5 AOCs and the Group commander leaving, they decided to do a low-key type going away.   Each AOC received a guidon from their squadron from the group…


Jeremiah also received a gift from his AMT, Mason.  A straight jacket so he doesn’t forget that they have had dealings with all the mental facilities in Denver and Colorado Springs!  It’s a pretty cool gift…


And don’t think that this means we are slowing down.  There are lots more things going on the rest of this month and we were at a very special wedding last weekend but that needs its own post.  So until next time…

Catch Up

Before the big 9th celebration festivities begin this weekend, I figured I should catch up on what’s been going on around here.  Let’s begin with Jamie’s big third grade music program.  Jamie was so excited about it.  She was a narrator which meant she had to speak a part into the microphone in front of the entire audience.  Those of you who know Jamie understand what a big deal this is for her.  And she was awesome, if I do say so myself.

IMG_0009She was also part of a dance in one of the songs…


It really was a fabulous program.

IMG_0014Jamie shined like the little Stahr she is and I beamed with pride.  I love that she tried out for that narrator part and did well.  She amazes me every day.

Next up, was Jacob’s big art project.  The art teacher at school was able to submit 3 works of art per grade to the District 49 art show.  Jacob’s was one of them.  And so his artwork went on display downtown at the Penrose library.  We took a little trip there this weekend to see it displayed with all the others.  He was a little proud of his art…


So “The Elephant”, as he titled it, was displayed in the library on the green wall, of all places.  That impressed the boy since it is his favorite color!  The security guard came over after I snapped this picture and asked if I was allowed to use my camera.  Apparently when you take pictures of your kid with their artwork you have to get permission first.  Who knew?  I promised to not take anymore as we walked around to look at the rest of the art.

We went to our first SkySox baseball game of the season.  Not really to watch the game but to hear a really great choir sing the National Anthem…


Jamie’s choir, Ursa Minor, sang their little hearts out and did a fantastic job.  It was such a nice day that we stayed for a little of the game and then walked the 10 minutes home.

Tonight was STEAM night at school.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Music.  The school combined the science fair displays with the Art/Music night.  So we went to see Jamie’s science fair project on display in the library…


The fourth and fifth graders had their projects on display in the gym where art work from each student was on display as well.  Jacob picked his out right away…


And Jamie found hers too…


I love seeing all the art and listening to music played by students while we walked around.  It’s a pretty cool thing the school does each year.

Not to leave Mazie out, she had her first honor society meeting last week.  She volunteered to help set up at the school carnival that was held last weekend.  She has to volunteer a total of 15 hours to get her membership card.  Do you remember the model house she worked on over Spring break?  She brought it home today with a big fat 100% on it.  She was pretty pleased with that for her grade!

With all that out of the way, bring on the 9th birthday sleepover…God help us!

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Jacob’s birthday party went on without a hitch, aside from the small snow storm we got the night before.  But he definitely enjoyed being center of attention with a few of his classmates and his sisters.


2.  He kind of likes when we sing to him.


3.  He opted for a party at Ariel’s Gymnastics for his big sixth celebration…


4.  Details on his cake can be found at the Cake Site.  Jacob was pretty specific this year!

5.  Spring break is two weeks long here in District 49.  Monday was their first day back and they are off today due to a crazy Spring blizzard that isn’t really amounting to much around here.  We have a little snow (like an inch) blowing around with this insanely crazy wind but labeling it a blizzard, isn’t’ quite right.

6.  What did we do over the two weeks?  Well, besides the boy turning 6 and having a celebration, Gramma visited.  We took her to the zoo and enjoyed our day…


IMG_00497.  We also had Easter, which was played way down this year being so close to the boy’s birthday.  The kids were pleased with going outside to hunt eggs in their jammies.




8.  The kids enjoyed a game or two while Gramma was visiting.  Maxine really enjoyed playing twister, although I don’t think she really understood the rules…


9.  Mazie had a project for her algebra II class.  She had to make a model of a house.  The measurements had to be to scale and it needed to be painted.  She had to use all her knowledge of angles and measurements to do the project.  She worked really hard on it and it turned out beautifully!  She was happy to hand it in yesterday.



10.  Jamie did her experiment for her STEM fair project.  Her and Dad worked on popping popcorn.  Her experiment was to show which way of popping popcorn worked best.  She used the stove top, a pop corn machine, and the microwave.  The popcorn machine worked the best by popping all the kernels!  She was so surprised since she thought the microwave would work best.  But she had fun making popcorn three different ways and then being able to eat it!




She still has to finish her board but we are waiting for her pictures to put it all together.  This is her first official STEM fair project.  So she’s exited about it being on display in the school library in a few weeks.

Happy Tuesday!

National Junior Honor Society

Meet the newest inductee to the National Junior Honor Society…IMG_0003Mazie was invited about a month or so ago to apply to the NJHS.  She filled out the application and handed it in and we waited…and waited…and waited.  Just when I thought that maybe I would have to tell her that she probably didn’t get in, she came home with the invitation to the induction ceremony…IMG_0002She was a little disappointed when she could only invite 3 guests!  I mean, she texted and called several people.  She was also a little disappointed that just Dad and Mom were the only people joining her as her guests.

She came home from school today, a little nervous, and quickly did her homework.  We scarfed down some food and dressed appropriately for the event.  When the neighbors came to watch the littles (thanks Debra and Johnny!), we were off.IMG_0003The ceremony started and the officers spoke about what it’s like being in NJHS and what is expected of the new inductees.  Then the inductees were called forward to receive their candle and meet the officers…IMG_0007After the oath was recited, the inductees signed into the ledger book and had some goodies…IMG_0012


She was begging me to take that last one.  She was eating slowly and with exaggerated movements.  What kind of mom would I be if I didn’t take the picture for her humility later on when her head gets too big for her body with all these things she is accomplishing?

One last one of Mazie and Skyler (the Skyview Middle School’s Eagle mascot)…IMG_0015

We are so very proud of you Mazie!

Jacob’s Turn

It’s Friday!  Jacob is loving full day kindergarten.  He comes home with all his class work and is so proud of himself.  He is exhausted by the time we get home, however.  It’s been an adjustment.  But he does love it.  In fact, when the kids had off (yes, that’s right three days off after going to school for a week!) for literacy testing, he was so upset.  He couldn’t figure out why they could just test them during the day.

None of my kids have ever been criers.  You know, the kids who are screaming for their mamas or dads at the beginning of the day.  While I am so glad they never have been and feel for the parents who have to go through all that, it still tugs a little that none of them have ever missed me.  I do get a hug from each of them when they leave and a hug when we meet again at the end of the day.  This is what I get instead…This cute little stinker just unloads his stuff right in the middle of where ever he feels…Typically right in the middle of the kitchen, right in the way of the bathroom which everyone seems to need to use as soon as we get in the door.  But he is so excited about telling me about his day and I’m way too excited to suck up all his attention.  How am I supposed to tell him to stop a sec and move away from the door?Would you be able to do it?  Yeah, me neither.

Wednesdays with Jamie

Jamie had an assignment of making a newspaper-like poster for her class.  Each week a different student is selected to be the Star Student of the Week.  Their poster is displayed for the class to see all week long.  There are fun facts about the students on these papers.  It’s a fun project.

So while Jamie was working on her poster, I snapped a few of her deep in concentration.She happened to be working on the “Meet My Hero” part of the paper.  Her hero happens to be her dad.  She drew a picture of him and explained why he was her hero.  It took some serious concentration.  Check out the tongue hanging out…Do you happen to see the new glasses?  Yep, new school accessory.  She loves them.  She only has to wear them to see the board and to read but that’s how mine started out in third grade.  I guess one of the kids was bound to have bad eyes like their mama.  But, again, she loves them and takes such good care of them.

It took her about 30 minutes to pick out a pair of frames.  I’m pretty sure the technician was secretly wishing we would have come on her day off but she was patient, nonetheless.  I think they look good on her…tongue hanging out and all…

Mazie Monday

Have I mentioned that Mazie signed up for band?  Well, she did and wanted to play the flute.  So we took my old flute to the music store to have the key pads replaced and it polished up for her.  Mazie was so excited to get started on it.

When school started they didn’t need to bring their instruments until the following week.  So last Monday was easily Mazie’s favorite day of the year because she was taught to put the flute together and actually blow a sound out of it.  Then came Tuesday when she was taught her very first note.  She worked on new things all last week and spent time this weekend showing off her mad skills on Skype…Mazie has been so excited about making music.  She’s actually not bad for making her first note last week!  She’s already on to piecing several notes together with rests while keeping a beat and counting…I’m pretty impressed.  She has mentioned that band is her favorite class each day.  She asked me for help on a note today and asked if I could play it for her so she could hear it.  While I am not conditioned to play for long periods of time anymore, I was able to do a scale for her.  She was pretty impressed, I think.Band, both concert and marching, were so important to me when I was in school.  I am so glad I get to share a little of that with Mazie.  It’s nice to see her so excited, even more than she gets with algebra II or science!  So I tell her to keep up all the tooting.  It will all pay off soon.

Back To School: Part Two

Today was Mazie’s first day of middle school.  She couldn’t wait to see who was in her classes and meet all her teachers.  She was so excited.  I was excited for her…and nervous.  But she made it through the day (and so did I :-))!Mazie happens to love all her classes especially band.  Yep, that’s right.  She’s decided to try out Mom’s old (refurbished) flute.  *Insert pride here*I think middle school will be fun.   She apparently thinks it’s fun already since the minute we got home from school she had to call Pop Pop to tell him about her first big day!

It’s moments like those that I really miss her being her squeaky-voiced, curly-haired, two-year old self.  *sigh*

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