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Jeremiah’s Birthday

Many of you know that my husband likes to hold it over me that his is 5 weeks younger than me.  So from my birthday in December to his, well, today.  I have to deal with him being “married to an older woman” and such for a while.  But on January 8, it is not the case as we become the same age.  Right?  That’s how it works, right?

Today happened to be back to school for the kids and Jeremiah happened to have off work.  So we took advantage of our kid-free day and headed to the movies to see The Hobbit.  It was lovely.  We even watched it on the IMAX screen in 3D.

The kids could hardly wait to give Dad his big presents that they worked very hard on.  But we ate homemade lasagna and salad (as requested for the birthday dinner) first.  Then the kids sang (very loudly) Happy Birthday to our favorite dad as he welcomed his 36th birthday.


Again, the kids could hardly wait for the birthday boy to take his first bite so they could dive into the red velvet cake with peanut butter icing.

It was finally time for the kids to give dad their gifts.  They worked so hard putting this together.  They made one of the crafts out of their Highlights magazine.  It was a game.  They all took part in putting it together.  Jacob stated that he drew the mountains!


They played a round and happily put it away for another time.  I was so proud they made something that made sense and they did it together!


Happy Birthday, Jeremiah.  We love you!

Ten On Tuesday

1.  Today is my birthday.  It was such a wonderful day.

2  I received so many texts, cards, Facebook well-wishes.  I feel so blessed to have so many people wish me a happy birthday.

3.  Jeremiah took the day off of work to spend with me.  Well, he took the morning to make an angel food cake for me from scratch and then spend the rest of the day with me.  While he was busy in the kitchen I took advantage and went for a birthday manicure/pedicure!

4.  I got OPI The Spy Who Loved Me, in case you were wondering.  It’s red with gold sparkles.  Lovely!

5.  And doesn’t he look 0h-so-good preparing it…IMG_0002

I’m one lucky lady, folks!

6.  After we picked the kids up for school, I was treated to a special supper.  The kids behaved (which they typically do at a restaurant) and we enjoyed our meal unrushed.

7.  We came back home to have the oh-so-yummy-looking homemade angel food cake with chocolate fondue.  My wonderful family sang to me and I did get a picture or two with my cake…IMG_0012


8.  When I cut the cake, we found the middle wasn’t completely done.  So we couldn’t enjoy it.  In Jeremiah’s defense, angel food is one of the hardest cakes to make from scratch, especially at 6500 feet in altitude.  But it was the thought that counted and the kids and I were more than happy to continue dessert with the yummy chocolate fondue with marshmallows and pretzels.

9.  Jacob even announced mid-bite that it was the best birthday ever!  I have to agree with my little man.  It really was a great birthday.

10.  The kids gave me their homemade cards while we watched the train circle under the Christmas tree.  It was a wonderful way to end the day.  My three dozenth birthday (as my husband says) was such a fun day.

Happy Tuesday!

Turning Eight

Today Jamie turned 8.  We had her party last weekend.  She opted for a spa party at The Castle House Spa, which if you know Jamie you know that this is way girly for her.  So we ventured to the Castle…for some major girly pampering where Jamie was treated like a princess…There was lemonade and cookies while the girls soaked their feet in a Japanese foot soak…mini facials…nail painting…and a paraffin wax hand dip

The girls all sang to Jamie and she blew out her candles on her princess cake and then she opened presentsShe was happy and so were the rest of the pampered girls!

Jamie and Dad had their annual date to Fargo’s.  Dad picked her up with pretty purple and white flowers…She had a great time as usual and was happy to have dad’s undivided attention!  We celebrated her birthday with a small family party yesterday.  She had her start cake

and opened all her presents.We celebrated yesterday since Dad had a work dinner for tonight and wouldn’t be home after school.  But today was still very special for Jamie.  The school gives birthday ribbons to the birthday kids so she had that on all day.  Plus Jacob and I joined Jamie for lunch today which was fun for both kids!  We also took Jamie’s birthday treat to her class.  She ordered up mint chocolate truffles that looked like lady bugs.  I think they turned out pretty cute…According to Jamie some of her friends asked for the recipe which is funny since they are all 7 or 8!  When Jamie got home from school and finished her homework, she helped make her birthday dinner of spaghetti and meatballs.  While we were doing this she told me that she got the best present ever for her birthday today.  She got an award for writing a story for the Young Authors.  She gets to meet Joan Musick and have a story that she wrote all by herself in a book with other students’ stories.  She remembered Mazie receiving this when she was in Kindergarten.  So she was pretty tickled with herself and I was pretty proud of her.  She decided that Pop Pop gets to join her for the little party the school is having for all the young authors in the school.

At bedtime tonight she said it was a pretty awesome birthday and that turning 8 was fun.  I’d have to agree with her!  Happy Birthday, Jamie Bo.

Ten On Tuesday

1.  Jacob turned 5 last week and it’s time to I post about it.

2.  While we were in California for his birthday (I will be posting about that another day), we did come home to have a little family celebration and for him to have his star cake…3.  He was pretty happy to have his chocolate cake with chocolate icing…and us singing…4.  Then it was time to dive into the presents…5.  Being 5 means you get a big bike…6.  He even obliged me by letting me snap a few of his fiveness…

7.  Also turning 5 means you start the “annual date”.  I was so excited about it.  The girls have so much fun with Dad when they go out and I wanted that so badly with Jacob.  I apparently made him nervous about it.  Oops!  He recovered and got excited too.  He made Jeremiah take him to Costco to pick out some flowers, washed the car, and knocked on the door so I had to answer and let him in.  He was a true gentleman…8.  He told me I looked nice as we walked out to the car.  He even held my hand.  When we got to Zio’s (his choice), he asked me to open the door and then he held it open for me.  We were seated and he decided what he wanted to eat.  We ordered and then played a couple of games of tic tac toe while we waited.  While we were eating, we talked about chickens and roosters, desserts, his presents, and the rain to name a few things.  We ordered dessert and chatted a bit more.  When we left he opened and held the door for me and a couple of other customers.  He was so sweet.  I think he had a lot of fun.  I know I did.

9.  I am pretty sure that date meant more to me than it did to him in all of his fiveness.  But I still have a few years, right?

10.  When we got home, Jacob allowed Jeremiah to take a couple of pictures of us together.  This is my favorite…

Happy Tuesday!

Mazie Monday

It’s been a while since I posted a Mazie Monday.  Seems right to do one about her big tenth birthday party!

So let’s begin, well, at the beginning.  Her banner was hung…and the cake was finished (more on the cake on the business site)Jacob and I surprised Mazie at school by showing up for lunch.  There were birthday calls and texts and lots of birthday presents sent from all over.  After school, we ordered pizza and waited for friends to arrive for our first slumber party!  We had time to get a photo of the birthday girl on her birth minute…When all the girls arrived, we popped in Megamind and had pizza and chatted (mostly chatted!)…There was a lot of chatting the whole night.  Loud chatting!  Who knew, ten 10-12-year old girls could sound like 100?  I have to take a second here to say that Jacob was in heaven.  He was the only single boy here and loved the attention from all the girls telling him how cute he was.  The girls were awesome about including him and Jamie in the fun.  I can’t be sure who was more excited about having a sleepover, Jacob or Mazie!

After pizza and a little time to play, we decided to do the cake and presents.  Everyone sang…

and watched patiently as Mazie opened her gifts.  Pop Pop even skyped from Pennsylvania to watch Mazie!After a lot more playing and another movie, it was time for bed.  I’m pretty sure it was close to 2am when the girls finally were quiet.  It was a pretty long night!  But they were awake early nonetheless and went right into playing again.  After the requested doughnuts for breakfast, the girls and Jacob had fun decorating their own cupcakes.  I think they did a pretty good job…All the girls had left by noon and Jeremiah and I raced to bed to recuperate.  Just kidding, our kids were still here! 😉  It was a good thing Jeremiah took off on Friday because he didn’t get much sleep either since he and Jacob had a little boys night in Jacob’s room.  Overall, the girls were well-behaved and enjoyed themselves.  However, I’m glad the next sleepover isn’t for another two years!

On Saturday, Jeremiah and Mazie went on their annual date.Mazie’s choice of restaurants was Zio’s and she had such a good time.  She wanted to dress up and asked if I would curl her hair.  I obliged without overly jumping up and down like a crazy woman!  It took about 30 minutes to do her hair and when we were done she was happy and even let me do a little 10-year-old photo shoot.

We survived the first 10 years.  It’s still hard to believe she’s ten.  As much as I’m dreading her getting even older, I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring.  I’m sure it’s going to be crazy and wonderful, just like the first 10!

Then and Now

Sometimes you take a picture and it triggers your memory of another photo that you or someone else may have taken in the past.  That’s what happened when I took this photo of Mazie yesterday with my iPhone using the instagram app.I just wanted a photo of myself with my big ten year-old girl.  Instead, what I got was a wonderful comparison of one of my favorite photos.  I took this photo of Mazie with a film camera (I know, do you even remember those?) when she a little  one year-old just before we moved from Ohio.I loved this photo the minute I looked at it after getting it back from Wal-Mart’s photo center!  The fact that I had no idea Mazie had her little tongue sticking out, the cutie-patootie little face, her expression, just to name a few.  It’s been my favorite photo of the two of us for 9 years.

The only thing that would have made the newer photo any better is if Mazie would have stuck her tongue out.  But I have to say that this new one is my new favorite of the two of us.  I love it because she was willing to take a picture with me, her beautiful face, her big smile (even though she has braces and isn’t too fond of showing them off), just to name a few.

As I struggle with her being 10 years old, I do look forward to all the birthdays and memories we have yet to share.  Happy Birthday, Mazie Moo.  Thank you for taking pictures with me.

More on her party will come soon!

Ten On Tuesday

1.  Jacob got Dino Dig for Christmas.  It’s basically a block of plaster that holds a dino skeleton that he has to excavate.  He loves it!2.  While Pop Pop was here in December, Jeremiah and I were able to get away for 4 days!  We went to Las Vegas and had a blast.This is the longest I’ve been away from any of the kids besides Mazie when we went to Hawaii and she was 18 months old.  The kids had a blast with Pop Pop all to themselves too!

3.  Today was Crazy Hair Day for Jacob.He’s not a fan of wearing his hair in spikes but was excited to do something with his hair when he found out other kids in his class were doing it too.  He’s one cool little man, I tell you. 4.  I’m working on Mazie’s stargazer lilies that she wants on her birthday cake.It takes a little time for all those petals and leaves to dry so I can put them all together.  All of that will be put together to make four lilies.  I already had one done so she will have 5 on her cake.

5.  Jacob is a little excited about having 10 girls (not including myself) in the house Thursday night.  He keeps saying things like, “I hope they don’t love me too much” or “I can’t wait until the girly night”.  I don’t have the heart to tell him that he will be sleeping with Dad upstairs while I stay with the girls on the main level.

6.  Can you believe Mazie will be 10 on Thursday?  I can’t.  It kind of suffocates me when I think of it.  I can’t seem to get over that.

7.  She ordered cheese burgers for her birthday dinner on Friday and will be going out with Dad on Saturday.

8.  Jamie has been so excited about school lately.  This is to say, she comes home from school and actually tells me about her day.  It’s nice.

9.  Our mailman jammed three boxes in the package bin of our mailbox yesterday.  They were our packages.  By jammed, I mean that I actually had to practically damage one to get them out.  I almost chased him down to make him open the whole thing to get them out.  I don’t know why he does that.

10.  I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas.  I love it!  I’ve read 5 books on it so far.  I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy and highly recommend it if you haven’t read it already.  Anyone got any suggestions on good reads?

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Birthday to Jeremiah

Today we celebrated Jeremiah’s birthday.  We started out with homemade doughnuts.  I had never made them before but they were apparently good.  Jamie inhaled 3 all by herself and Mazie ordered them for her sleepover party at the end of the week!Sometime in the afternoon, Mazie suggested that Dad open his gifts.  So he did just that.  The kids love to make homemade gifts.  They decided that Dad’s birthday should be a “boys only” party and they made beards and moustaches to wear…

The girls were nice by letting Jacob borrow a moustache for him to wear but he thought it suited him more to be eyebrows instead…Birthday kisses…My new favorite photo…After going out to eat, we came home to have birthday cake.  Red velvet with peanut butter icing…And, yes, he is that crazy and not because he is 35 now.  Happy Birthday, Jeremiah.  We love you!


Yesterday was my birthday.  I had a fantastic day.  My kids and husband pampered me and I was treated to dinner out and a homemade Angel food cake…my favorite!Doesn’t that look yummy?  Jeremiah made it all by himself from scratch!  There was some loud singing… and then cutting the cake and eating it with the chocolate fondue… 

So saying that I’m 35 sounds old to me.  I certainly don’t feel old.  Sure, I notice the little lines here and there but it seriously catches me off guard to hear that I am 35.  I mean, I really do have to figure out my age based on Mazie’s age.  I was 25 when I had her and she will be 10.  Ok, that’s enough talking now.

The kids made me some fabulous cards.  Jacob even wrote his out all by himself (and it was legible)!  I know how hard they were working on those cards.  It warms my heart.  We also decorated the house to get ready for Christmas… It was a great day.  Thanks for all the birthday love!

The Big Day

Jamie turned 7 yesterday and it was a simply fantastic day.  We started out with the birthday banner and lots of presents.  She was pretty excited that they came from all over the country! 

There was also a lot of singing.

After making a quick Skype call to Pop Pop, she decided to open her presents…

Then it was onto the big party at The Little Gym.

Jamie and her friends had such a great time.

Pictures are from L to R/top to bottom: 1. going over safety rules. 2 and 3. playing with partner poles. 4, 5, and 6. smash the cake game. 7. bubbles. 8 and 9. freeze dance. 10. riding the air track up. 11 and 12. star jumps. 13. forward rolls. 14 and 15. limbo on the air track. 16. Jamie’s highest jump ever!

The next picture is of all the kids riding the air track down.  The air track was a big hit!

There was also some hula hooping…and some plain old hanging around

Then, when all the playing was done, it was time for cake (see more here).  The Hot Air Balloon cake by request…

Then it was back home.  And just to show that I was apart of Jamie’s big day…

The whole day was great.  Jamie had a good time and it was the “Best Birthday Ever” according to the birthday girl herself! 

Today Dad and Jamie went on their big date.  Dad came to the door, rang the door bell, and presented her with her birthday flowers.

She was having a hard time deciding where to go.  She struggled between Fargo’s and Macaroni Grill.  Macaroni Grill won in the end and she had a great time.  I think 7 is going to be fun with Jamie.  Happy Birthday, Jamie!

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